About Web Development

I've been a web developer for over half my life. This is my first website—it's pretty funny to see what I thought was sensible web design in 2009. I'd like to think that I've improved over the past decade.

I'm actually not too sure why I felt like I needed a web presence as a third grader, but I definitely was passionate about wanting a website. I later got really invested into forum administration, and ran my own instance of Simple Machines Forum. These sites I made in middle school are unfortunately lost forever, since I ran them on crappy free web hosts such as 000webhost and x10Hosting. Kind of a shame too, as I had quite a few PHP web applications uploaded on these sites.

Later on, I decided to swear off using PHP for my tiny web applications and switch to making them standalone JavaScript applications. You can find some of them here. However, I didn't completely stop using PHP on my personal site until November 2017 because I was relying on it for my custom-written templating system, which had always been the core of the site. I changed around the site CSS, at one point adding in Material Design Lite. I also heavily modified the content, first by replacing the WordPress blog with a Google+ stream embed and later by reverting said change and making a new WordPress blog. But this really wasn't sustainable; the site grew slow for reasons still unknown for me, and I figured it was time for a complete rehaul from PHP to Python.

I did a web development internship in high school where I worked with Ruby on Rails. Not really much to say here other than MVC platforms are really cool. Using something like Rails or Django for this site would have been overkill though, so I opted to use Flask instead. I have used Django to create a gacha game before, and I'm currently working on another web browser RPG in Django too.