Yet Another Site Redesign

Posted on November 24, 2017

This is like, my fourth site redesign, but hopefully it'll be my last one for a while. After many years of reluctant PHP use because I didn't want to refactor my entire site, I finally decided to bite the bullet and completely replace the backend. This site is now uses Flask with a SQLite database and loads much faster than before. I've also taken the liberty of redesigning the frontend to something more pleasing to the eye—bright orange on white as a color scheme definitely stood out but was difficult to look at for extended periods of time. This time I've decided to reference (read: copy) the user interface design from the game Nier: Automata; I'm a big fan of its aesthetic and was inspired by a blog post from the game's UI designer. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all. (Basically, please don't sue me, Yoko Taro!)

Hopefully with this site refactor I will become more motivated to blog again. There were a few blog posts that I wanted to write but decided to postpone because I felt like the old site was an eyesore and loaded too slowly. Maybe I'll post something about my experiences at TI7 and perhaps a CTF problem write up too.

The only thing I kind of miss from the old site was the Wordpress WYSIWYG post editor. I now have to compose my posts in Markdown, which is definitely a downgrade. But hey, at least now I'm not using Wordpress, which means my site is 100x faster and 100x more secure! There's also no comment section anymore, but I doubt anyone will miss that. Have I mentioned how much I hate PHP? Even rewriting old PHP scripts in Python felt so satisfying.



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