Switching Domains

Posted on August 19, 2018

Yesterday, I finally switched domain names from 3edgy6u.com to jasonl.net. This was long overdue, for a variety of reasons:

The transition was a lot smoother than I expected, with only a few hiccups involving getting a new SSL certificate (since Let's Encrypt disabled TLS-SNI-01 validation). However, to avoid link rot, I'll keep the 3edgy6u.com domain up. Google Domains is a really good service, with free WHOIS privacy protection and easy setup for email redirects.

I had to settle with jasonl.net after restricting myself to the .com and .net TLDs. It seems like this domain name has changed hands a couple of times already, as historical data on archive.org shows. I don't see myself switching off of this domain though.


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