About Programming

I wanted to make video games. That was my initial motivation for becoming a programmer, and even though my horizons have broadened a lot, game development is still very dear to me. That being said, the first lines of code I wrote were for web development; I taught myself JavaScript and PHP in 4th grade.

Upon entering high school, I taught myself enough C++ to do competitive programming, while I learned Java and Android development in the classroom. I got a web development internship, where I learned Ruby on Rails, my first MVC framework. I then branched out and started working with Django.

During college, I used a lot more Python, with some C and Java on the side. I also begrudgingly used C# for game development in Unity. After my summer 2018 internship with Jane Street Capital, I've come to appreciate OCaml and functional programming in general. During my summer 2019 internship with Two Sigma, I've continued improving my C skills.