About Weeb Stuff

The first subbed anime I watched was Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica during the summer of 2013. However, I was already accustomed to weeb culture back then, since I was friends with /a/ users on Google+.

My favorite anime studio is Studio Trigger. I'm a big fan of all of their shows besides Kiznaiver and Darling in the Franxx. I'm also a big Type-Moon fan, but I really wish they would focus on something new (Tsukihime remake?) instead of milking the Fate/Grand Order cash cow.

I had a brief stint with fansubbing in 2017, working as an editor for Chihiro-Fansubs. However, I couldn't stay motivated since there were so many delays, so I quit after two seasons. Fansubbing is dead.

I've attended a couple of anime conventions (Otakon, Katsucon, Anime Boston, Anime Central, Anime NYC) but I've quite jaded about them. I don't care about cosplayers and basically all fan panels I've seen are bad. All I really end up doing is purchasing weeb merch that I could buy cheaper online. I do enjoy their arcade sections (that are usually rented from Tokyo Attack); my go-to games include DDR/ITG, jubeat, and Dance Evolution.

These days, I'm suffering from seasonal anime burnout, and it's not clear that I'll ever recover. Last time I watched seasonal anime was in 2017, and the few shows I watched in 2018 weren't particularly enjoyable either. Perhaps I'm just over my anime-watching phase now.