Pokémon GO Evolution Optimization Calculator

for making the most out of your lucky eggs

I've made up a few terms to make this calculator easier to understand. They were made up on the spot and if anyone has anything better, you can send me a message.


* Note: This calculator does not take evolution animation time or app restart time into account. Although you may have 70+ evolutions ready to go, fitting them all into one lucky egg session may be impossible.

* 2nd Note: To see if you get any more potential evolutions after transferring Pokémon after evolution, use the Recalculate button. There are extremely rare edge cases where you can end up with an additional evolution by not transferring any bases early (consider having 13 Pidgeys, 0 Pidgeottos, 0 Pidgeots, and 132 candies), but it's a very minor difference that only matters if you have time to spare for transferring right after evolving.

* 3rd Note: This calculator also doesn't account for the option of continuing to evolve an evolved Pokémon to get a 3rd evolution. From an efficiency standpoint, this is usually not efficient, as you can often get ~4.5 evolutions for the same amount of candy, but from a "gotta catch 'em all" standpoint, Pokédex completion is kind of important. To manually calculate this in, just subtract (2nd evolution candy requirement - 1) from your total candy and make a mental note that you're getting an evolution and a Pokédex bonus from this.