super sentai hackmon rangers


Deoxys-Speed is a strong lead for a multitude of reasons. For one, it outspeeds everything else in Hackmons, except for other Deoxys-Speeds (speed tie), Prankster users (priority Dark Void or Substitute will ruin your day), and Choice Scarf holders (generally fine as they won't expect a Wonder Guard). Leading with Spore is the best option 99% of the time, as even if they have a bouncer (Magic Bounce user) you won't fall asleep due to Safety Goggles. You can also find out if they are holding Safety Goggles, or consume their Lum Berry too. Best case scenario is that they actually fall asleep. Knock-Off is incredibly useful, knocking out Safety Goggles or Eviolites. Sticky Web is the best follow up to a turn 1 successful Spore, as the opponent generally will not switch in a bouncer (you're not going to Spore a sleeping target). Sticky Web is great because it ensures that nothing will outspeed your Deoxys-Speeds but Prankster users. Stealth Rock is a strong alternative to Sticky Web because it deals with Shedinjas and Focus Sash holders. U-turn is decent for keeping momentum, but the most important part of it is to allow your lead to switch out in case their lead has Shadow Tag or Arena Trap. The reason U-turn is ran instead of Baton Pass is because trappers will not have a way of blocking your U-turn anyway (unless they run King's Guard or something) and it'll let you still switch out even if Taunted (not too common though). Big thing to watch out for is Shadow Sneaks, especially from Mewtwo-Mega-Xs. HP is kept at 303 for rounding shenanigans (you'll be able to switch into 16 Stealth Rocks with 7 HP remaining for example).


This is a standard bulky bouncer. Switch this in if you're predicting a Spore / Dark Void / Stealth Rock / basically anything from an enemy without Mold Breaker or Teravolt or Turboblaze. Defog is a much safer choice than Rapid Spin for hazard removal (can't be spinblocked), but Rapid Spin does not clear the hazards from the other side so it's really up to you. Rhydon won't get ever get statused by a non-Mold Breaker, so Aromatherapy is safe to run to heal other team members. Thousand Arrows is a great STAB move that will hurt most things without Wonder Guard and Electric types with Wonder Guard (with or without Air Balloon). Heal Order is just your standard recovery, which is definitely necessary when you don't have Leftovers. Wish is always a viable alternative.


Another Wonder Guarder. Having two Wonder Guarders on a team allows a back and forth switch between to deal with Entrainment or Gastro Acid users. Iron type Judgment will allow your Xerneas to deal with Imposters, while Imposters will not be able to damage you. Wish is good on a fairly bulky Wonder Guard user, but Heal Order can work too.


Standard Mold Breaker user. Not a good idea to get this thing killed early on, as it'll be a pain in the ass to kill remaining Wonder Guarders. Imposters will be unable to Spore back, and using Spore on a Magic Bouncer is almost a guaranteed sleep unless they run Magic Coat or switch in a Pokémon that's already asleep. Shadow Sneak deals with Deoxys-Speed or Pokémon with speed boosts, but is only a guaranteed 3HKO on Deoxys-Speed. Close Combat is a strong STAB move, while Knock Off gives good type coverage and utility. It's still walled by bulky Fairy types however, but Xerneas can take care of those.


Another Deoxys-Speed, with the same nickname. If you switch to this from something that is not Deoxys-Speed, and the first Deoxys-Speed is still at full HP, the opponent will think that this is the same Wonder Guard Deoxys-Speed. 100% accuracy Sing will pierce Substitute, as long as it can survive a hit with Focus Sash. If their Pokémon is boosted and there are entry hazards on the field, this is useless. Generally if they're boosted with a Substitute an immediate Whirlwind after Sing is best. 100% accuracy Sheer Cold will deal with anything without its speed boosted after the opponent has no Wonder Guarders besides Protean Choice Band Mewtwo-Mega-X. Sleep Talk will allow Deoxys-Speed to still be useful after a Magic Bounced Sing, giving a 1/3 chance of doing nothing, 1/3 chance of Sheer Cold, and 1/3 chance of a fast random switch. If the opponent switches out, all three moves will be effective.


Imposter Chansey with Eviolite allows your copy to have 50% more defenses than the opponent, even if the copied Pokémon is fully evolved. If you switch into a bulky Pokémon this thing can literally never be killed. If there's a boosted Pokémon behind a Substitute and entry hazards are in play, your best bet is to switch this in, tank a hit, and Whirlwind them out. Even without Imposter Chansey is incredibly bulky with Eviolite. The other moves generally do not matter much, but generally utility moves are good to run just in case.